Pio La Torre, pride of Sicily

Pio la Torre, pride of Sicily is a theatrical adaptation of the original one-act play by the great Sicilian writer Vincenzo Consolo. The play tells the story of the life and times of Pio la Torre, a Sicilian union member and politician killed in Palermo by the mafia on 30th April 1982. It encompasses some of Italy’s, and Sicily’s, most crucial events in the last decades: the peasant’s revolts and the seizures of feudal land, the labourer’s associations, the fight against the mafia, the peace protests against the installation of Cruise missiles… These are the events which punctuated the life of a man who, thanks to his courage and political commitment, became “the pride of Sicily”.

Our play, which is the result of a collaboration between professional and non-professional actors, was arranged and promoted by the Rectory of San Giovanni Decollato (directed by Father Scordato) together with the Centro Studi Pio La Torre and the Fondazione Giovanni e Francesca Falcone. The play had its debut in June 2014 at the Church of S. Giovanni Decollato and soon afterwards, in July 2014, at the Church of S. Francesco Saverio. In May 2015 Pio la Torre travelled to Milan to be performed at the Teatro Franco Parenti and at the Liceo Virgilio with the support of Libera and the schools belonging to the LegalizzaMI network.

Directed by: Leonardo Mancini
With: Marco Gambino and the Theatre Laboratory of San Giovanni Decollato (Palermo).
Musics: Daniele Prestigiacomo

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