Albert Balasch, The hunt of the man

Winner of the eigth Prize for Poetry Gabriel Ferrater (2009), The hunt of the man by Albert Balasch is a contemporary catalan poem inspired from the King Lear of Shakespeare. Loyal to the structure of the classical tragedy, The hunt of the man is the first catalan poetic work written in couplets of ennéasyllabes and hendecasyllables. The Italian translation maintains integer this metrical scheme, preserving at the same time the formal unity and the content.

Albert Balasch (Barcelona, 1971) has published the nouvelle A fora (1999), three books in verses Que ha estat això (2002), Decaure (2003) and Les execucions (2006), and the cd Hans Laguna i Albert Balasch fan dissabte (2008).

Translation of Leonardo Mancini (Mimesis, Milan 2014)

La caccia dell'uomo