Children of rag – Tableau of a fall

A circle, a ventriloquist, a dance of the shadows of conscience, a blind man, transformed traditional songs, a hanging cord, the movement of time, the apparition of word… Children of rag – Tableau of a fall unfolds a series of scenes about the epic story of the fallen man, and his acid desire to return. A story which, like a kind of dreamlike ritornello, maybe we already know, even if we have never heard of it.

Children of rag – Tableau of a fall, is a theatrical narration conceived by a team situated in Barcelona. Four actors from Mexico, Italy, Singapore and Catalonia. Children of rag – Tableau of a fall is presented under the umbrella of La Vella Fam, a platform where productions, research, exchanges and diffusion in the performing arts terrain take place.


David Eudave, Leonardo Mancini, Pei Hwee Tan, Francesc Torrent


Pei Hwee Tan, Francesc Torrent

texts from

É. Cioran, V. Novarina, H. Melville, P. Celan, M. Capdevila, M.L. King, J. Kerouac, B. de Ventadorm, F. Dostoievski, C. de Lautréamont, Qohelet. La caça de l’home (Man’s hunt), the last book of the catalan poet Albert Balasch, provides the axis around which textual sources are organized.

with the collaboration of

Laboratorio Permanente di Ricerca sull’Arte dell’Attore di Domenico Castaldo

CRA’P – creation practices and artistic research

Teatre Almeria / Gataro

Rettoria della Chiesa di San Giovanni Decollato

with the support from

Department de cultura


català, español, english, italiano