Luigi Rasi, L’arte del comico

L’arte del comico is a precious practical and theoretical compendium on the art of the actor, written by one of the most important and polyhedral Italian men of theatre between the XIX and the XX Century. Rich of exercises and anecdotes, L’arte del comico treaties the actor’s sphere with a 360° perspective: from the gesture to the study of the word and intonations, from interpretation to physiognomy and costumes. The text closes with a chapter dedicated to singers. Furthermore, L’arte del comico offers us a unique perspective over an essential, though forgotten, aspect of our acting tradition: the art of reading and the declamation of verses. More than one century after the first print, this reedition comes with an apparatus of notes, a preface and an introduction which spread new light over the value of the teaching and the artistic opus of Luigi Rasi.

Luigi Rasi (1852 – 1918) was an italian actor, author and literatus. Director of the Royal School of acting of Florence since 1882 to 1918, he gathered an extended collection of books and object about the history of theatre, which, after his death, constituted the original fulcrum of the Theatre Library of Burcardo in Rome. Between his works, he published The reading at loud voice (Florence 1883), the dictionaire The Italian Actors (Florence 1898) and La Duse (Florence 1901). He translated Catullo (1876) and was also author of theatrical comedies and monologues.

Date of publishing: novembre 2014
Publisher: Mimesis Edizioni, Milano-Udine
The book is also available in ebook version.